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Y4M Community Talk – I’m every woman!

By September 5, 2017Yoga4Mums

I’m every woman, it’s all in me!’

Listening to the dulcet tones of Chaka Khan, singing this classic, speaks to me. Ok. I realise it’s actually a love song but the chorus has me singing aloud feeling inspired to live life to the full.

We can be whatever Goddess we choose to be, don’t you think? Infact, who we are right now is good enough, right? I’m every woman because….

‘I love that I was born in a country where woman are free to live as equals to men. Where my opinion matters and where I have a voice’

Feels good to say it and even better to hear from others.

Yoga4mums​ Community Talk!

I’ve chosen freedom as our theme for September’s practice. Freedom of the mind and the body using the breath and asana in order to nurture spirit. This practice is reflected in our series of interviews entitled ‘I’m Every Woman’, in the hope that we can inspire other women towards positive change.

Finally, I get to hide behind the camera and let my class members do the talking.

Interviewed by class participant and journalist Lorenza Bacino​, Lale Hussein – Doru, in her 2nd trimester, talks about yoga and how it has enhanced her pregnancy.

Tomorrow’s interview is all about Alison, how 20 year ago suffering neck pain she decided to try a class and never looked back.

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