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What is yoga for you?

By January 22, 2019Uncategorized

It’s week 3 of my #52weekvlogchallenge and travelling back from the Isle of Wight, I felt inspired to share my thoughts about yoga.

Often a novice will avoid yoga because they imagine that it’ll be hot bodies bending into contortions!

There are many ways to practice but the true practice is to use this ancient method as a philosophy for life and positive living. A method that encourages us to ‘know’ ourselves.

Regular practice builds an intimate awareness of the true self. We connect with ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. Over time this enhances our energy. We feel more supple, stronger and relaxed. Daily challenges are dealt with care and seem easier to cope with.

Find the right teacher and I promise you’ll start to smile often and laugh a lot. Joy will become a normal way to live and you’ll start to connect with other people with a new found empathy and compassion.

This is yoga for me. I love it so much that it is now my life!

Go on…stretch yourself!

Om, Cathy