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Put on a happy face!

Really interesting listening to Prince Harry talk about his experience with depression. He was 12 when his mother, Princess Diana, died tragically but he managed to ‘put on a happy face’ and suppress his true feelings until he was 30! Eventually his life crumbled and now he reveals how counselling was a tool for his recovery.

I can totally relate to this. It took me several years before I addressed my post natal depression. It wasn’t easy for me to talk and share with family or friends but I could with a counsellor. I coupled this with yoga. A somatic, silent yoga practice helped me to let go on a deeper soul level. It was a personal practice designed by my yoga teacher at the time. Following it’s traditional form, built on ancient spiritual foundations of self awareness, understanding and love, the practice taught me how to ‘let go’ of the pain. A daily discipline of pranayama (breath), asana (posture) and dhyana (meditation) was my healing tonic.

The experience transformed my life and the way I deal with stress. Today, I work alongside those with mental health conditions and I draw on the techniques I learnt to help others.
It’s ok to ‘put on a happy face’ in order to face the world but if it’s suppressing a deeper pain then now is the time to take off the mask and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Om Shanthi x