The Pregnancy Programme Yoga DVD


Are you looking for a gentle method to exercise and relax during your pregnancy?

The Pregnancy Programme Yoga DVD offers you three user-friendly sequences to inspire you to stay active during and after your pregnancy.

Split into three convenient classes, to match the three trimesters, you’ll be able to adapt your yoga practice safely as your baby grows and your body changes.

This YOGA4MUMS DVD will help you:

  • Embrace Your Pregnancy
  • Maintain Your Fitness & Energy Levels
  • Relax and unwind ready for birth
  • Prepare For Motherhood

Can also be used after baby is born!

Product Description

Yoga for the 2nd trimester

Pregnancy yoga is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. During pregnancy, yoga can play a key role in enhancing the experience of this precious time and empower the mother-to-be to have the most conscious birth experience. Yoga can help women enjoy their pregnancy with minimal discomfort, cultivate breath awareness and strengthen the body in preparation for labour. Yoga also offers you the opportunity to connect with your baby, and coming to classes is a great way to feel part of a community of pregnant women.

The benefits of pregnancy yoga

  • increases your energy
  • empowers the mother-to-be to have conscious birth experience
  • keeps you fit whilst being sensitive to the baby and you
  • decreases anxiety
  • strengthens birthing muscles
  • quickens postpartum recovery
  • improves sleep
  • reduces backache
  • improves circulation
  • promotes healthy birth

When to practice

Be conscious of how your body feels and seek medical advice regarding any health issues.

General guidelines are that you:

  • rest during the first trimester
  • start yoga in the second trimester
  • continue your classes until before birth
  • take up postnatal classes after birth

It’s never too late to practise prenatal yoga!

Yoga DVDs are a valuable home resource but are always a supplement to the hands on guidance of an experienced pregnancy yoga teacher.

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