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Nubile Necks

By February 8, 2018Uncategorized
Have you noticed there’s not a lot of neck stretching online? Especially sexy ones? (gasp)
Lol, I can explain….here’s me thinking ‘nubile’ means ‘youthful’ when according to my dictionary it means ‘sexually attractive’ (another gasp)
Mmmmm… well ok, maybe my nubile neck sequence isn’t quite a contender for all the racey pics you see on #instagram but they are effective.
Look after your neck with this simple mobilising sequence:
1.Move into each pose slowly
2.Hold each for a couple of breaths
3.Avoid tipping head back, rather lift the chin and focus on stretching the front part of neck and chest.
4.Definitely NO Hot Gossip head spinning Catherine Wheels!
Have a sexy neck day! ????????