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Nature or nurture?

By January 6, 2017Older and Wiser

This is my ‘Squished Pose’!

Ha ha ok, it’s really  #upavishtakonasana – wide angle forward stretch.

But here’s a question…nature or nurture? We’re not all born with the same anatomy. Subtle differences can make significant impact in our range of motion, flexibility and movement quality. So, is there any point being ‘pushed’ ‘squished’ or even ‘bullied’ into posture that can only stress the body?

Tips for a safe and enjoyable practice:

  • Find a teacher who’ll nurture your practice or exercise routine
  • Be kind and take responsibility for your own wellbeing
  • Be mindful not to hand it all over to the instructor
  • Research what best suits you and your needs because ultimately we want a pain free workout

Plus we all want to live a long and fruitful life so to enjoy this sacred vessel that we travel in, surely we best nurture its very nature.

Om x
Come to Yoga 11/1/17