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I love to share online posts. My ultimate aim is always to inspire and encourage thought.  It’s so interesting to read peoples feedback and the comments educate me enormously.

The other day a friend commented on a photograph that I posted. It was taken at one of my yoga events and showed me assisting a group in posture. Her comment had me thinking.

She asked ‘Do you teach people who aren’t beautiful (or skinny!)?’

Now, I don’t think my pal thought she was making any derogatory comment but it did have me question the purpose of my post. After all, what we print online is open to interpretation so it’s very important to consider its impact.

2016 and we live in a World still obsessed with what a women looks like or how old she is. We’re not daft. Why have we allowed this to happen?

I truly believe that this stinking thinking is largely indoctrinated. It’s sold to us by the continual disempowerment of women through the press and media and we have bought into it.  Money talks and spin is the best way PR companies can confuse us. Compare a mans magazine with a womans and you’ll notice a very obvious difference in approach. The man is made to feel empowered, a buff hero in and out of bed. Whereas, the women’s magazine belittles her looks and body. She’s encouraged to question herself, bombarded with massive expectations.

She’s too fat, too skinny, not pretty enough, not fit, not bendy, no brains! Why is she staying at home to take care of her babies? Why isn’t she at work like me? She’s not breastfeeding. She’s still got that baby belly! OMG wrinkles? Cellulite? Get Botox, nips, tucks, boob job asap. Go to the gym, clean house, clean clothes, look perfect. Home schooling? Her kids just sit on the computer all day! Bad mum. Why are you so emotional? Drugs? Drink? You don’t have sex?


This terrible bullying has to stop.

It’s so embedded in our DNA and part of our culture that it’s difficult to know what we as intelligent beings think anymore.

It’s no wonder our confidence is battered.

But here’s the thing…are we helping ourselves?

Take a look at your posts and reposts? Do they help the reader? Do they inspire? Are they thoughtful? In my line of work I often come across adverts and posts for yoga and sometimes I think they are just as damaging as the glossy ones. How many prefer to publish delightful, young, skinny women in postures that would test a contortionist?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t enjoy beauty but let’s embrace the spectrum and celebrate achievement first. I guess I’m inviting you, as a woman, to take a moment to think who reads your posts and what message will they digest?

My lovely friend reminded me to wave the flag that empowers women rather than doing the opposite. After all we have a duty to nurture one another and forge a positive future path that unites our daughters.

I have adjusted my photograph. I can’t promise to always get it right but I promise to be more mindful of the message whatever I deliver.

Om shanthi, Cathy