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Gentle Yoga for pregnant moms

By January 17, 2017mother & baby, New Mums

Antenatal Yoga – Here’s a gentle sequence to mobilise and stabilise the spine. Great if you’re feeling tight and in need of some core support.
1. On all fours align hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Inhale and draw navel gently in,look forward

2. Exhaling slowly, round the back look towards your belly

3. Inhale release back to long relaxed spine

Repeat 1-4 3x

4. Support your back drawing navel in a little, lengthen right arm forward, bicep by ear. Next, and to be done only if balance is feeling good, lengthen left leg back inline with hips. Repeat on the other side. Hold posture for 4 slow breaths

5. Rest hands on a bolster or firm cushion, open knees wide and sit back onto heels. Be mindful not to compress your tummy at all, instead look for a gentle back stretch

Need a longer sequence? Why not try our Pregnancy Programme DVD

Voted best antenatal DVD by Heathline

Many thanks to:

Model: Jo Farrell.
Clothing: Prana
Make up: Liz Tarrant
Photographs: @niclapite
Shots taken from Yoga4mums Pregnancy Programme DVD available online at www.yoga4mums.com