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Form Follows Function

I’ve always been a stickler for symmetry. When I practice I’ll align my mat to certain architectural aspects of the room. The way the floorboards run or a ceiling beam.

It’s helpful because I get a better sense of physical alignment. Especially as yoga can be quite linear and requires that necessary attention to core stability. I feel the body is better rooted in a stronger foundation that way, aligned, balanced, poised, ready for its next task. Then we take shape (form) ready for the purpose (function). It’s a quirky way to process but it’s something I’ve used all my yogi life.
So, just for fun, the next time you practise say…Trikonasana…check out the symmetry of your practice place and see if it works for your head space! Om x
Btw it’s International Yoga Day tomorrow 20/6/17 What will you be doing?