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Today is D-Day – ‘World Changing’ day, and as I pay tribute to those who died for World peace, there’s a strange irony about it for me.

15 years ago I got married and a year ago TODAY I’m now officially divorced!

I know, wierd.  It’s just the kind of punch in the face that makes life soooo wonderfully special!

For anyone who’s been there or going through it, you’ll know just how horrible divorce is and when children are involved the worst pain imaginable but if I can offer any advice it would be to hang in there.

A year on, we seem to be happily divorced and good friends. This is, however,  largely thanks to our two incredibly, brave and understanding boys who continue to remind us of the importance of continual peace talks and truce.

So, I salute you D-Day.  You’ll always be a day when I will reflect and understand the true meaning of truth, surrender and the fight for peace!

Om shanthi, Cathyx