My name is Cathy and I specialise in yoga and movement therapy for children and adults living with Autism, learning disabilities and mental health conditions. As a registered Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior teacher trainer, I provide person centred modules and consultancy for anyone supporting individuals and groups. My clients include The Priory Hospital, North London, TreeHouse School for complex Autism and DRS private care homes.  I’m also the founder of Yoga4mums and I run regular classes and enrichment workshops for all the family.

I kinda understand what it is like to be a busy, working mum! Juggling and finding a work life balance isn’t always easy. I’ve had my ups and downs and during the most challenging times I’m certain I wouldn’t have coped quite so well had I not utilised the yoga, fitness and healing techniques I have practised all these years.

Motherhood inspired my business

After the birth of my two beautiful boys, I suffered with Post Natal Depression, PND. It was a tough time but thanks to the support of my family, GP and my yoga teacher I was able to make a speedy recovery. Strange as it sounds, I will be eternally grateful for that time. Depression is often thought of as a weakness but I disagree. For me, depression awakened an inner strength, a fighter who wasn’t going to give in. Rather than ignoring the symptoms I sat with them, observed and learnt that eventually the darkness passes. I addressed my diet, began meditating, practiced gentle yoga and began to let go of the pressure to be a ‘super mum’.

Then something magical happened…

After meditating I began to feel inspired and excited with fresh ideas. A vision grew in my head and has now manifested into the business and lifestyle I have today. Without that dark episode in my life, I wouldn’t have realised my potential to build a multi award winning business, belief that I could be the breadwinner and ultimately grow in confidence to be a positive role model for my children. I say this with passion because my business has grown from a desire to inspire and motivate others. I guess I’m really saying, if I can do it….you most certainly can too!

A philosophy for life

Yoga is a philosophy for life. A perfect life tool that can be used with other fitness methods, healing techniques and therapies to enhance self esteem, boost energy levels and improve health. The style and techniques I have developed are ultimately designed to enhance these three things and I invite you to come and try for yourself.

My business Yoga4mums is designed primarily to support mum and then her family. Together with a small team, I hope to provide quality exercise and wellbeing provision to accommodate all areas of the community. 


I have over 30 years of experience within the health and fitness industry. I trained at the Italia Conti Academy of theatre Arts  and enjoying a varied career as a professional dancer and actress for stage, TV and film.  But my passion has always been teaching. I’m a Reiki Healing Master, Hatha Yoga Teacher (BSY), Ashtanga Vinyasa practitioner, dance and performing arts tutor. I offer 1-2-1 and group session plus I specialise in therapeutic yoga and exercise provision for those with learning disabilities, Autism and mental health conditions, all age groups and abilities.

I’ve gained great insight and additional skills learning from some very talented teachers. Thanks and gratitude to: Manju Jois, John and Lucy Scott, Denise Martin Harker, David Keil and Jo Manual. However, I’ve learnt the most from my students and participants to whom I thank from the bottom of my heart for their trust and belief in me.

Come and train with me

I teach open classes in Enfield and Barnet, Monday – Wednesday, with monthly workshops to help participants refine their knowledge and skills of yoga.

I also offer specialised training and sessions for anyone supporting individuals with complex and diverse needs.

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Please contact you GP prior to class should you have any medical concerns to take part in regular exercise.

Private & Small Group Training

I am also available for private/small group training including consultancy in areas of special yoga for schools and carer providers.

Workshops & Retreats

I provide regular monthly small group workshops and yearly retreats for those looking to deepen their practice.

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Teacher training

Whether you are already a yoga or fitness professional, Occupational therapist or service provider, carer or parent I can offer you certified training to enhance your skill set.  My training has been registered with The Yoga Alliance Professionals UK.

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Just a few of my clients past and present:

  • Balletboyz
  • TreeHouse School/Ambitious about Autism
  • The Hoffmann Foundation
  • The Priory Hospital
  • Community Link Enfield
  • DRS Care Homes Ltd
  • Enfield Council
  • Westminster Drug Project

Wishing you a peaceful and happy life. Stay bendy!

Om Cathy x