Cathy Underwood is an award winning, all-inclusive community minded business where, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or ability, families can come together and enjoy affordable classes, events and products.

Our purpose is to encourage all members of the family to stay active and enjoy a positive healthy lifestyle.  We embrace our commitment to ‘give back’ to the community and offer regular fundraising classes and events that help support families in need, local schools, charities and community projects.

Our services include:

  • Classes for mums throughout the various stages of her life
  • Pregnancy Yoga
  • Yoga for busy mums & dads
  • Yoga for kids and teens
  • Special needs yoga
  • Family fitness and fundraising events
  • Educational modules and group workshops
  • Home practice DVDs, online support and yoga inspired products
  • Inclusive movement therapy training
  • Consultancy and service provision
  • Social media online support

Inclusive Movement Therapy

IMTYoga (Inclusive Movement Therapy) is our localised provision that works alongside groups that are traditionally hard to engage in regular exercise. We have devised an innovative approach that blends yoga, fitness and dance to inspire activity. This approach has proved extremely popular and effective and offered those with learning disabilities, Autism, mental health problems, substance abuse and other specific conditions access to a tailor made class.   We welcome care providers, service users, parents, teachers and guardians to contact us regarding our health and wellbeing provision.

IMTYoga offers specialised classes for:

  • Learning disabilities, Autism and mental health conditions
  • Weight issues and obesity
  • Pre and Post Natal depression
  • Single parents and young mothers
  • Young vulnerable adults and older client groups

Through our activities, we strive to develop a stronger sense of community spirit and combat a sense of isolation so many of these vulnerable adult groups feel.

Partners include:

  • Community Link – Enfield Council
  • New Directions – learning disabled supported care
  • DRS – mental health, learning disabled & older client groups
  • TreeHouse/Ambitious about Autism – education centre for children with autism
  • The Priory Hospital – mental health care & substance abuse
  • The Hub, Hoffmann Foundation – care centre for autistic adults

Community Health & Wellbeing

In a time when stress related conditions, child obesity and substance abuse is all too common coupled with the strain on our financial resources to support our national health service, the need for fitness and health initiatives are at an all time high. Collaboration is key. Cathy has developed a network of leading fitness professionals, health practitioners and physiotherapist to offer health, fitness and wellbeing weekends for the community to enjoy.

Pop Up Fitness

Pop Up Fitness encourages a new stream of work opportunities for health and wellbeing practitioners and provides them with ongoing support and training to enable the continued development of their skill, ensuring they always provide the highest quality service to local residents.  Our Pop Up Fitness events are a great opportunity to network with likeminded professionals and local businesses whilst providing an overview of health, fitness and wellbeing through a variety of mediums to the local community.

Yoga is all about nurturing the community, giving back and inspiring a healthy and active lifestyle for each and every generation. 

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