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Congratulations you’re pregnant!

Now you may be wondering whether you should exercise or not during your pregnancy? Well, depending on your level of fitness, and always under the guidance of your GP, there really is nothing to stop you continuing with gentle exercise.  I wouldn’t recommend you start a new fitness trend but a simple yoga sequence could be the perfect solution.

Why yoga?

There are many benefits to practicing pregnancy yoga. Many women enjoy cultivating the breath awareness and strengthening the body in preparation for labour.  While others see it as an opportunity to connect with their baby during this magical time.

The benefits?

  • increases your energy
  • empowers the mother-to-be to have conscious birth experience
  • keeps you fit whilst being sensitive to the baby and you
  • decreases anxiety
  • strengthens birthing muscles
  • quickens postpartum recovery
  • improves sleep
  • reduces backache
  • improves circulation
  • promotes healthy birth

When to practice?

Be conscious of how your body feels and seek medical advice regarding any health issues.

General guidelines are that you:

  • rest during the first trimester
  • start yoga in the second trimester
  • continue your classes until birth
  • take up postnatal classes after birth

YFM 290

8 yoga poses for the 2nd and 3rd Trimester

No pregnancy is the same. By the time I reached my 3rd trimester I had put on 19kg! It wasn’t easy when walking or sleeping but thankfully I had a few key postures up my sleeve.

The following are some I used to support my body and relieve some of the aches and pains I experienced.

Knowing how and when to adapt your exercise during pregnancy ensures you’ll practice safely, supporting the emotional and physical changes during the three trimesters.

Here are my top eight.

1.Healing Mountain Pose 

Good for: postural alignment, creating space to breathe, connecting with your baby

You will need: yoga mat

YFM 193

Stand tall with feet together and hands in prayer position. Align your body, lengthening up along the spine and rooting down into the feet. Breath freely.

YFM 160

After a few breaths step the feet apart and place one hand over the heart chakra (centre of chest) and one hand over the sacral chakra (navel) Take a few deep breaths into the hands. Connect with your baby, sending warm, loving thoughts.

2. Supported and Seated Triangle Pose

Good for: all over strength especially the legs, good hip opener, feeling grounded

You will need: yoga mat, chair

YFM 417

Using a chair by your side for support stand in triangle pose, feet apart, arms extended parallel with shoulders. Turn your right foot and bend your knee.

YFM 415

Exhale and lower right hand onto the seat of the chair. Inhale and slowly straighten the knee, lengthening the left arm up to the sky. Stay here for three deep breaths before softening back to starting position and repeating on the other leg.

Try this seated triangle when you need a little more support.

YFM 419

Sit on the chair and take your legs wide apart, arms long

YFM 420

Inhale to prepare, exhale lower left arm onto left thigh and reach out with the right arm to achieve a side stretch. Stay here for three deep breaths and then repeat on the other side.

3.  Not So Downward Dog

Good for: creating space in the torso, back ache, improved breathing

You will need: yoga mat and chair

YFM 436

Position the chair so that it is not able to move or slip. Stand with feet apart, bend knees and place hands onto the seat. Slowly step back and straighten knees, aligning head between straight arms. Lift hips and lengthen through the torso to achieve a long spine. Avoid lowering head below the heart. Breath freely and then step towards the chair, bend knees and slowly roll up the spine, head last up.

4. Seated Twist

Good for: digestion, tight back and hips, spinal mobility

You will need: yoga mat and chair

YFM 433

Deep abdominal twists that press into the belly are not advised during pregnancy. However, this gentle twist using a chair is a safe and effective.

Sitting on the chair with feet together, reach back with your right hand and hold the edge of the seat. Place your left hand on the outside of your right thigh. Inhale and slowly turn your torso towards the right side of the chair. Exhale and turn to look over your shoulder. Take three breaths and then repeat on the other side.

5. Partner Squats

Good for: leg and back strength, labour, developing trust and rapport with your partner

You will need: yoga mat, a partner!

Leg strength is vital for pregnant ladies. Especially during labour. The following technique prepares us for the delivery of our baby. Please consult with your GP or health visitor to ensure this sequence is suitable for you.

YFM 452

You will need the help of your partner. Stand opposite one another and hold hands

YFM 449

Imagine you are sitting back into a chair and squat back no lower than your knees. Inhale, push into the feet and lift back up. Repeat three times.

YFM 459

With the trust and support of your partner lower a little deeper until you are almost sitting on the floor. Feet should always remain flat to the ground and back straight.  This may not suit everyones knees or backs, so please be mindful of what your body can comfortably achieve. Sometimes it helps to lower down on to a stool or pouffe, pressing your back against a wall for support.

6. Cat Pose

Good for: mobilising the spine, connecting with the breath, back ache, upper body strength

You will: yoga mat

Position yourself on all fours, gently drawing the navel in towards the spine.

YFM 331

Inhale to prepare and as you exhale gentle draw in your belly, press into the hands and tuck the pelvis and head in towards the centre of your body. Inhale and relax gently back to the first position. Repeat three times.

YFM 333

7. Childs Pose

Good for: back relief, releasing trapped wind, emotional stress

You will need: yoga mat, bolster or firm cushions

YFM 340

From Cat’s pose place hands on a bolster or large firm cushion, separate knees and lower bottom back onto heels.

Be mindful not to press into the belly. You are looking for a gentle stretch for the back and shoulders. Take three breaths and then lift back onto all fours.

8. Relax and Unwind Pose

Good for: relaxing, taking the pressure from the hips and back, aiding comfort for sleep

You will need: yoga mat, blankets, cushions, bolsters, a quiet space

YFM 398

Lying on your right side make sure you are warm and free from distractions. Place a small cushion under you head and a folded blanket under your belly. Bend your left leg and place your thigh and lower leg on a couple of cushions. When you feel comfortable close your eyes and relax through the body from your head down to your toes. Connect with your baby and imagine calm soothing energy between you both.

It’s never too late to practise prenatal yoga but always practice under the care and guidance of a qualified and experienced yoga instructor and with the approval of your GP or health visitor.

The Pregnancy Programme DVD

The Pregnancy Programme












Good for: a peaceful, pregnancy yoga experience

You will need: to visit the Yoga4mums website to purchase your copy!

The above photographs were taken during the filming of Yoga4mums DVD The Pregnancy Programme

Voted top 2nd trimester video by Healthline


The DVD features actress Joanne Farrell alongside Yoga4mums founder and director Cathy Underwood Radan, who wrote and devised the production

Clothing and equipment provided by Prana and Yogamatters

Photographs taken by Nic Lapite

Filming by Paul Press, Offshoot Films with additional editing by Brady Gee

Make up by Liz Tarrant

YFM 10

Jo Farrell

YFM 404

Cathy and Jo rehearsing

YFM 467

Paul Press filming Cathy